The Junior League of Murfreesboro began in 1992 with 24 original charter members. This dedicated group of Murfreesboro women came together to explore and develop an organization which would provide an infrastructure for our growing numbers of willing volunteers. The chosen organization was the Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI), and under the leadership of President Anne Davis, the group began to follow the AJLI blueprint for development.

Four months after the initial meeting, on May 10, 1992, the Junior Service League of Murfreesboro was incorporated. Throughout the year, plans were made for the first provisional class of 100 women, fundraising events took place, and training began on volunteer and community-related topics.

On May 4, 1993, the first provisional class became active members and set out in placements throughout the community, of which many continue. In 1995, the Junior Service League of Murfreesboro officially became the Junior League of Murfreesboro, which is a record for becoming a League.

The 24 women who began 15 years of “strengthening the community, one child at a time” are forever appreciated and honored as our charter members. We owe the following charter members our sincere gratitude:


Betty Childress
Kim Cleveland
Cecil Coleman
Debbie Cope
Anne Davis
Melinda Haines
Alicia Hollis
Kathy Hoover
Ginger Ingle
Susan Kane
Melinda Keisling
Billie Little
Susan Loyd
Patty Marschel
Charlotte McKnight
Mary Dodd Mifflin
Kitty Murfree
Marilyn Newsome
Kit Ramsey
Sarah Ridley
Doris Sawyer
Mary Spence
Barbara Sutton
Marimae White


Over the past 15 years, the Junior League of Murfreesboro has provided volunteer service and financial assistance to over 20 agencies and programs. We have founded numerous community projects including the Baby Love Immunization Project, Kids in the Kitchen, Kindergarten Art Supplies Project, 1-1 Mentoring and the “Because You’re Worth It!” Self Esteem Fair at Franklin Heights, that over the years has morphed into a Women’s Day Fair, Healthy Lifestyles events and finally our new member led project EmpowHer. The funding for our community projects is derived from our annual fundraiser HollyDay Marketplace and generous donations from businesses and individuals who desire to sponsor the work of our league.

Past Presidents

Anne Davis, 1992-1993
Alicia Hollis, 1993-1994
Melinda Haines, 1994-1996
Rebecca Climer, 1996-1997
Tara MacDougall, 1997-1999
Ellen Gassler, 1999-2000
Claudia Hunter, 2000-2001
Lucinda Lea, 2001-2002
Lori Sain Smith, 2002-2003
Melanie Bishop, 2003-2004
Suzanne Slayton, 2004-2005
Julie Ennamorato, 2005-2006
Lori Williams, 2006-2007
Sarah Woods, 2007-2008
Laurie Knowles, 2008-2009
Kathy Ferrell, 2009-2010
Kristin Demos, 2010-2011
Marla Frisby Hord, 2011-2012
Rebecca Upton, 2012-2013
Ashley Holloway, 2013-2014
Jill Converse, 2014-2015
Hope Jenne’, 2015-2016
Amy Jackson, 2016-2017
Meagan Flippin, 2017-2018
Michelle Shrader, 2018-2019
Regina Wilkerson Ward, 2019-2020

Laura Cloud, 2020-2021